About Us

Company Overview

Wisetop Consultants Limited is a full human resources services provider. We provide professional human resources solution to all kinds of industries.

Since established, more than 70 organizations, come from different industries – from middle size to over thousands employees in both private and public sectors – are using our solutions. Our current clients include company from Construction, Retail and Hotel. They were satisfied about our solution, our attitude and our professionalism.

Human resources are essential to every company. This also applies to Wisetop. We have manpower whom are experts in IT, understand human resources operation and familiar with Labor Law.

Besides, we have worked with many different kinds of corporate for years. We have enough experiences, capability and creativity to handle different problems and situations in human resources management. Therefore we have confidence to provide the most suitable and most cost-effective solution to our clients.

Our solutions are designed to:

Streamline administrative processes

Improve productivity

Simplify the business processes

User friendly

Comprehensive reports for management

Ad hoc reports


Well security management

Monitoring the progress of workflow

Support taxation

Support taxation in HK, PRC, Macau and Taiwan

Support different languages interfaces:

English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese


We believe that deliver the best quality solution to our clients in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness is the driving force and the core value of Wisetop Consultants Limited.


Providing comprehensive and professional solutions to our clients and simultaneously improve the solutions in order to follow our belief.